We’re looking for Food Hub Coordinators

The community food hub coordinators are in many ways the backbone of our company. They provide much more than just a delivery service. They’re social entrepreneur who provide community engagement and in most instances, they’re the face of our company. Food hub coordinators are an important part of how we strive towards increasing accessibility of healthy foods throughout the state. 

Food hub coordinators;

  • Increase access to healthy food
  • Coordinate the distribution of healthy food
  • Build food skills and knowledge
  • Use food to build community


Each community food hub coordinator builds relationships within their own community. Food hub coordinators provide customer service and perform outreach and networking within the community. Seasonal materials are provide along with product education and support. 

Food Hub coordinators can earn anywhere from $20 to more than $100 each week. This is based on the number of deliveries and client the food hub coordinator has brought on. 

Most of our coordinators are professional people, who are passionate about their community and looking for a way to give back. Together we do meaningful acts within local communities to make them better. 

Would you like to be a community food hub coordinator? Please fill in the form below.