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Questions and Answers

Q: Will my box be delivered to my house?

A: No, it will be at the site host you picked durning signup. In the future we will be providing home delivery.

Q: How do I know what will be in my box each week?

A: We send an email that gives you the low down, along with the option to make some substitutions.

Q: What if I receive poor quality produce in my box?

A: At AFN we do everything possible to get you the best produce. If you do have an issue with any of your box content, simply contact customer support and we will get it fixed.

Q: I am not happy with my box. What should I do?

A: Contact customer support and we will work with you to create a win-win solution.

Q: How can I tell if there is delivery (site host) in my area?

A: See our pickup locations list. If you don’t see your location please request service for your area.

Q: When will I be billed?

A: Billing happens a few days prior to box delivery. Each billing cycle is unique to each location. Please contact customer support for additional information.

Q: What if I am allergic to certain items?

A: When you receive the reminder email, there are options to make some substitutes.

Q: What if my box is not at the pickup location?

A: Please contact customer support and we will track it down. We will always make it right.

Q: Can I add items to box?

A: Yes.

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Sign Up help video

Please click play on this video to see the sign up process.

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Use this page to get helpful information about Alaska Food Network.

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