Alaska Food Network

AFN Site Host Program

Alaska Food Network brings local, conventional and organic goods to all of Alaska. Every relationship we build with local farmers, producers and site hosts improves our community. Our goal is to provide low cost, healthy, nutritious food to all of Alaska.

How it works

After you are signed up our customers will choose your location for a list of site hosts when they sign up. Our delivery team will drop off their boxes to your location on a predefined delivery schedule. Different locations in Alaska will have different days for delivery. We will let you know this schedule ahead of time to ensure it works with your business.

  1. Sign up to become a site host.
  2. Our customers pick your site.
  3. We let you know whats coming your way.
  4. Our delivery team drops off customer boxes.
  5. On the day of delivery we touch base to make sure the boxes made it.
  6. Second day call us for any boxes not picked up.


Benefits of being a site host

We spotlight our site host partners in our marketing and through our program. Enjoy the increased traffic as you will see our members four times a month. Use the pick up dates to offer specials, discounts or other promotions to increase your sales to our members. Site hosts also have the opportunity to sell their products through our online store.

Join the team

Please join our team and allow our customers to pick up and enjoy your location, products or services. To become a site host simply fill in the information below and we will contact you again.